Engagement Rings

You are creating a life story, we are creating the heirlooms.  Part of your legacy is this collection of memories - durably crafted and built to last - to cherish in the present and share with the future.

We pride ourselves on translating your dream ring into a reality. We love collaborating on every ring because it makes each one truly one of a kind. Rebecca specializes in reusing stones from heirloom jewelry. However, if you do not have some you wish to reuse, we would be delighted to help you find the right one.

With the huge variety of stones and the fluctuation in gold prices, not all pieces are available for purchase through the website. If you are interested in creating a ring, please don't hesitate to tell us more about what you have in mind and we will set up a meeting with you in person or via phone. 

Don’t hesitate to be as specific as possible. The more information (and inspirational images) you can give us, the better. We'll look forward to hearing from you!