Men's Collection

Each piece of our Men's Collection is made out of precious metals and semi-precious natural gemstones using ancient processes and tools like hammers, anvils and lost wax casting.  The designs are unique yet easy to wear as comfort is our highest priority. The textures we leave in the metal showcase the rich history of metalsmithing as well as the craft it takes to create each piece that is built to last.

With the huge variety of stones and the fluctuation in gold prices, not all pieces are available for purchase through the website. If you are interested in creating a ring with us please don't hesitate to contact us and we will set up a meeting with you in person or via phone/email.

We specialize in customizations, so if you are interested in a piece but would like to change some design aspects such as metal or if you have a stone you'd like to reuse in one of the designs please don't hesitate to tell us more.