Green Practices

For us, being an Eco-conscious business means more than using a recycling bin. It is a lifestyle.



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Whenever possible, we encourage our customers to reuse materials from their heirloom jewelry for an original design or to recycle and credit towards an entirely new piece. Our recycled silver, gold, and platinum is sourced from a refinery in St. Louis. We even save and recycle metal sweep filings from the studio bench!

We often incorporate inherited stones to limit our investment in the stone trade economy. When we need to source a stone, we work exclusively with importers who adhere to the Kimberley Process - a global initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. We also offer lab-created diamond and gemstone options, which are chemically identical to natural gemstones and reduce demand for newly mined materials.


Lillstreet Art Center


Rebecca collaborates with a local team of highly skilled artisans here in Chicago. We keep a minimal inventory in-house, and consciously avoid overproducing pieces to maintain its one of a kind, handmade integrity.

Our studio is located in the Lillstreet Art Center in the vibrant creative Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago and is easily accessible by the Montrose Brown Line station.


All forms, invoices, and receipts are sent electronically to eliminate paper waste, and we employ energy-efficient lighting throughout the studio. We support fellow artists of Lillstreet by offering beverages in handmade ceramic mugs during meetings in the studio to cut back on waste. Working within a shared space reduces our use of water, electricity and natural gas.

Necklaces and earrings are packaged in jewelry boxes made from recycled paper. Rings are packaged in fair-trade wood boxes from sustainable forests in Guatemala. Shipping materials are recycled and reused, ensuring the utmost protection of jewelry pieces for their journey.