You are creating a life story, we are creating the heirlooms.  Part of your legacy is this collection of memories - durably crafted and built to last - to cherish in the present and share with the future.


Through sculptural jewelry, Rebecca strives to make art accessible to everyone. Throughout her years of designing jewelry and making art she realized what an incredible gift it is to help people create beautiful and meaningful pieces to cherish always. Often with custom work, Rebecca sees herself as a translator, collaborating with customers to make their visions a reality. Inspired by classic jewelry, she creates timeless pieces with a twist. The end result is casually elegant - easy to wear by anyone at anytime.


Each piece is made to order by hand by a local team of highly skilled artisans here in Chicago, which makes our jewelry not only unique but also customizable. The forging and lost wax casting processes we use recall the ancient tradition of metalworking, continuing the history of adornment for generations to come. 

Rebecca strives to reduce her environmental impact with the materials she utilizes in the studio.  All metals used in our designs are fair mined and recycled direct from the metal refinery.  Conflict-free gemstones are available, as well as lab-created gemstones which have the same molecular make up as a genuine gemstone without the comprising mining conditions. 


The best way to minimize your environmental impact is by repurposing the metals and stones from heirloom jewelry.  In the winter of 2008, we began offering custom designs by working with a woman who saw Rebecca's work in the Lillstreet Gallery and wanted to create a new piece of jewelry using her grandmother's diamond.  Since then, Rebecca has worked with many customers who are excited to give new life to something that is teeming with both material and sentimental value - but unenjoyed within its original design - can be cherished again for a lifetime to come.


The history of jewelry making dates back to antiquity where townspeople would work with their local metalsmith. Rebecca is proud to continue this tradition and aims to make art accessible to everyone by transforming her conceptual sculptures into wearable pieces.  We honor and respect the commitment you make to your loved ones and are grateful to work with all people who want to express the joy of their love with hand-crafted jewelry. 


The studio is located within the Lillstreet Art Center, a community of artists' studios, workshops and classrooms.  This community not only fosters creative feedback and inspiration from many artists, but working within a shared space reduces the need to use many resources and allows us to save on critical utilities such as water, electricity and natural gas.