Using Heirlooms

Green practices are important to all aspects of our lives, but especially for Rebecca in her jewelry designs.  A great way to minimize an impact on the environment is by recycling materials you already own and repurposing the stones and metals from heirloom jewelry to create something new.  Sometimes people find that they have inherited jewelry that is just not their style, or have a pile of jewelry that is broken, missing its pair, or is simply not being worn and could go to better use. 

Rebecca has worked with many customers who are excited to give new life to something that is teeming with both material and sentimental value - but under-enjoyed in its original design. Now these newly created pieces can be cherished again for a lifetime to come!

If you are interested in working with Rebecca to design a custom piece of jewelry using your heirloom stones and/or metals, reach out and tell us more about your ideas!  Take a look at some of our Heirloom Redesign projects below and check out our Before & After blog series to learn the stories behind the jewelry!

   Before                                         After




Rebecca reset a diamond from the side stone of a family heirloom ring to become the center stone for a new wedding band.  She also used a small portion of yellow gold from the original band as unique elements in the new ring design. 



 Before                                                 After                                      






Rebecca was able to remove the round diamonds from this very unique and bulky heirloom ring, and reset the stones into a timeless channel-set diamond anniversary band.   




Before                                            After



Our customer came to us with the pearl necklace she received for her sweet sixteen, decades later the necklace was overdue for an update.  Rebecca created a nest design around individual pearls for a refreshed necklace design.