Why Go Custom?

Special occasions call for personalized custom designs and materials that suit your tastes, desires, and lifestyle.

Jewelry is often a gift given to commemorate significant times in our lives - engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, push presents, and other milestones. Our customers have found the involvement of working directly with Rebecca throughout the design process to be a wonderful experience and appreciate the sparkling customer service along the way.

Because each piece is made by hand from start to finish locally in Chicago, using recycled metals and conflict-free stones, you can be confident that the carbon footprint of your jewelry is small and sustainable. We pride ourselves on translating your dream jewelry into a reality and we view each piece as a collaboration to make it truly one of a kind. 

On a practical note, personal fit is a strong priority to consider. Everybody is shaped differently. The importance of jewelry that fits your unique hand is simply the best reason to go custom.


This is the most common level of customization. Tailored design is where you work with the artist on a personal adaptation to one of her existing designs. A great example are the tailored adaptations of the Nesting Ring. Rebecca designed the Nesting Wedding Ring as her own personal wedding band. The concept of building a nest has resonated with other couples who have worked with Rebecca to tailor the original design. One Nesting Engagement Ring was tailored for a narrower band and to accommodate an heirloom stone - the diamond from a grandmother's engagement ring. Another Nesting Engagement Ring uses an emerald cut diamond center stone and adds small round diamonds on the side. 

Other examples of a tailored design is to have the artist adjust the scale of an existing piece, integrate an heirloom stone into an existing design, use a certain metal to accommodate an allergy, adding stones to a design - there are many ways to tailor piece of jewelry to give it a personalized touch!  

Depending on the complexity of the design process, tailored jewelry can take 6-10 weeks before completion. If you are interested in working with Rebecca, please tell us more about your idea so we can get the ball rolling!


This is a fully cooperative level of customization.  Bespoke design is where you work with the artist to create a completely new piece.  Rebecca has worked with customers who have been inspired by the tree outside their home, Scandinavian mythology, astronomical compatibility, collaboration with a wood-worker, a perfect combination of vintage and modern design, a traditional square knot, a commitment to one another to design a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Bespoke design is wonderful way to utilize heirloom stones and metals. Rebecca has collaborated with customers who wanted to build engagement rings with sentimental diamonds from mother-in-law and grandfather, design one of a kind pieces with rare stones such as an large oval moonstone and kite shaped tsavorite garnet, and breath new life into under-enjoyed jewelry with fresh designs from odds and ends stones and an old bracelet.

Due to the complexity of the design and approval process with bespoke design, final products can take 2-4 months or longer for completion.  This time frame is especially important to note if you have a specific date in mind (engagement, birthday, anniversary) however we are usually able to find a solution for your budget and timing needs.  If you are interested in collaborating with Rebecca, tell us more about your vision and get started on your bespoke project!

Heirloom Stones

A great way to minimize your environmental impact is by re-purposing the metals and stones from heirloom jewelry. Sometimes people find that they have inherited jewelry that is just not their style, or have a pile of jewelry that is broken, missing its pair, or is simply not being worn and could go to better use. Rebecca has worked with many customers who are excited to give new life to something that is teeming with both material and sentimental value - but under-enjoyed within its original design. Now these freshly designed pieces can be cherished again for a lifetime to come!