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Solstive Pendant with Faceted Moonstone in sterling silver


One of the birthstones of June and one of our favorite gemstones to use is Moonstone. With its beautiful shimmer it has fascinated people for centuries continuing to be a very popular and elegant stone. The moonstone got its name from the historian Pliny the Elder, who believed that the stone changed its appearance depending on the phases of the moon. Although a myth, people believed this until the 16th century. Today we know that beautiful shimmer to be adularescence, which happens when the light hits the stone. Moonstone is composed of orthoclase and albite, two minerals from the feldspar family, that during the rock formation process over millions of years separate into two thin layers. When these layers are hit by light, adularescence happens.

Moonstone pendantThese beautiful stones can be found in many places, however the best place to find moonstones is Sri Lanka. The stones can come in many colors ranging from blue to a neutral champagne. However, with a hardness of only 6.5, the moonstone is a softer gemstone, prone to imperfections. Moonstones have been adored for their mystic beauty, but are also known to bring good fortune. In India, the stone is considered sacred. The Romans believed that the stones were formed by the light of the moon and therefore associated them with their lunar gods and goddesses. Moonstones are also said to help enhance the feminine energy and are known for helping to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. If you are as enticed by the moonstone as we are, check out the Solstice Pendant with Moonstone!

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