Cicada Parade-A

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Cicade Parade-a 2024

Meet Lilli. She was created for Cicada Parade-a, a public art project celebrating this unique emergence of two broods of cicadas at one time. #Cicadas have been created by artists all over Chicagoland. I’m so excited and grateful to be part of this brood. The organizers asked us to think about the changes in our lives since the last emergence, and wow has it been transformative.

Cicada Parade - A

17 years ago, I started my journey at @Lillstreet Art Center catapulting me into a career as a visual artist. First as a sculptor and educator, I launched an artisanal jewelry business in 2007 to make art accessible to own and grew to have customers all over the world. Now, after 17 years, of building a successful art business and having three children, I have been refocusing my work and am emerging as a more conceptual visual artist. By using mostly paint, this cicada represents my work at the moment. I am now exploring a variety of materials to express ideas that start serious conversations with beauty and humor. Deeply rooted in the connections between industry, technology and nature, my work explores the relationship between humanity and the environment.

I received this bag while shopping. I couldn’t just throw it away and I’ve been saving this bag for years for just the right piece.


Lilli, 2024, plaster, acrylic paint, polyurethane, plastic bag. Lilli lives in LaPointe Park in the Ravenswood Manor Neighborhood of Chicago through Labor Day. It sits with Maja Bosen’s (@tastybrain). Plaster form created by @formstonecastle. Project orchestrated by @theinsectasylum.

Read more about the project and this piece in a Chicago Sun-Times article.

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