10 x 10 Show at Jackson Junge

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     In December, Jackson Junge Gallery in Wicker Park put together a show of a variety of Chicago artists to create something within a 10" x 10" space that could be hung on the wall. I was thrilled to be invited as I've worked with this gallery for over a decade selling my jewelry. They were delightfully surprised when I submitted a few paintings/sculptures that didn't involve jewelry. It was an excellent opportunity to explore some concepts that have been brewing in my head for sometime. It was an excellent show, even The Reader thought so too. An inspiring new holiday tradition for Chicago that I was honored to be part of.


Persistence, 10" x 10", Acrylic, Air Plant & Spray Bottle, Canvas, 2023
Life grows despite urbanity. This one went home with a collector.


Omega Centauri, 10" x 10", Acrylic, Oil Medium, Canvas, 2023
Like the jewelry, I'm still experimenting with small scale structures of the larger universe. This time, two-dimensional.


Knives Out, 10" x 10" Acrylic, Oil Medium, Plastic knives, Silicon Caulk, Canvas, 2023

This piece was inspired by a gust of wind at a block party that blew over a cup of unused knives. A guest began to throw them away and I just couldn't let them do that. They were so beautiful bunched together as the light bounced through them, I had to make a piece of art and memorialize them. Better here than in a land-fill somewhere:).

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