The View From The Room

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Modern Chicago Landscape Painting using watercolors and acrylics depicting the dichotomy of the city

I'm thrilled to announce this painting was accepted into Sweet Home Chicago, an art show of a "captivating selection of Chicago themed artworks" at Bridgeport Art Center running July 21 – Sept 1 2023 in their 4th Floor Gallery.

It's called The View From The Room referencing the famous novel The Room with a View by E.M. Forster. It is a painting from an image I took from the hotel room where I stayed on my first night away from my family a year after having my third child and heading right into the Pandemic. From this room I gained the capacity to see more clearly my intentions and goals as an artist, sparking the evolution I had been craving - to create more space for new endeavors, fulfilling dreams and further self-actualizing.

Heavily influenced by Georgia O'Keefe, it depicts the dichotomy that defines my beloved city. To achieve this, my goal was to beautifully balance many contrasts, including old and new, male and female, private and public. The watercolors are the natural elements in the scene and the acrylics were used to create the man-made ones.

I'm excited to see what's next on the horizon!


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