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Aquamarine Cocktail Ring Set in Oxidized and Etched Sterling SilverSo we are continuing our Stone of the Month series with the aquamarine, the birthstone of March. The name of this stone comes from the Latin words 'aqua' meaning water and the word 'mare' meaning sea, which immediately describes its light blue color. Greek and Roman sailors also wore the aquamarine to prevent sea sickness and to get them home safe. The aquamarine is a favorite of many, due to its beautiful color, which it gets from the iron in it and which can range from a very light blue, to a blue with a green tint, to even a very dark blue. The aquamarine is said to promise a happy marriage and bring a woman joy and wealth. Besides those advantages, the color of the stone compliments basically every skin-tone as well as eye color and has a very friendly vibe to it.

The aquamarine belongs to the beryl family which makes it a relative Rough uncut aquamarineof the emerald. However, unlike the emerald, the aquamarine is almost entirely free of inclusions and its hardness protects it from most scratches. The aquamarine can be found mainly in Brazil, as well as in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. A dark blue variation occurs in Madagascar. Aquamarines are said to be the stones of courage. They help reduce stress, support those overwhelmed by responsibility as well as clarify perception and sharpen the mind. It has been said to be highly protective during pregnancy, guarding mother and child from harm and discouraging miscarriages. Aquamarine is also helpful to sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems. The stone has also been said to have healing properties when it comes to eye ailments. 


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