Travel Treasures: Paris, France May 03 2012, 0 Comments

Emerald Tiara at Versailles

A few weeks ago, I visited Paris for the first time. People always talk about how amazing Paris is, and honestly I didn't believe them until I went. What an incredible city! I had no idea there was a place where craftsmanship and beauty are important to everything from the bread to the subway stations. Ernest Hemingway once said, "I've looked far and wide but never have I found a cure for Paris."

Byzantine Pendant Lamp with Bezel set stones in gold, The Lourve, Paris, FranceAfter visiting, I understand what he means. It's hard to go back to reality after visiting such a magical place. Carrying on the tradition of adornment and craftsmanship is essential to my jewelry and when I travel I always look for inspiring treasures. It is important for me to see the history and styles of the past to inform my work. France is a fabulous place to see these type of relics from ancient times to the present because its history is so rich with beautiful objects. The French even coined the term "object d'art". So it occurred to me since I've started this blog, that I should share some of my adventures in treasure hunting. 

Everywhere you look in Paris there is art so it was hard to narrow down what to post and there was no way to capture the impeccable beauty that permeates the city. Here is a slideshow of my favorites from the trip. Enjoy!