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Sapphire Trillion reset into recycled 18k yellow gold pendantThe sapphire is often referred to as the ruby's sister. Why? Because they are both made out of the same material, the mineral corundum. Gemstones that belong to the corundum family, which are the hardest besides diamonds, consist of pure aluminum oxide, which over many years crystallized into beautiful colorless gemstones. Other elements such as iron and chrome are responsible for the sapphire's beautiful coloring. The word "sapphire" derives from the Latin "saphirus" and the Greek "sapheiros", meaning "blue." Although mostly known for its deep blue color, the sapphire can come in many other colors including red, orange, yellow, green and pink.

Star of Bombay Sapphire CabochonThe sapphire dates back to 800 B.C. when they were the gems of choice among clergy and royalty of ancient civilizations like Persia. Blue sapphires were believed to reflect heaven and ward off evil, often put into jewelry as a talisman.Good quality sapphires are rather rare and are only be found in Burma, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Brazil. Since the color of the sapphire is so important, and since the stone shines in different colors from different angles, the cutter needs to make sure to cut this very hard gemstone in the right angle in order to maximize the brilliance and luster. Even though the sapphire is a rather expensive stone to own, once you own it it will be fairly simple to keep clean and beautiful. Due to its hardness the stone doesn't easily break, and because of its value and mystery, this beautiful gem can be a wonderful substitute for diamonds in engagement rings. It is also associated with 45th wedding anniversaries.

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  • Rebecca Zemans on

    Excellent plan:) Thanks so much!

  • Nicole Malina on

    This is my birthstone, and when I get married, I want you to make me a ring of it!

    ~Nicole Sent from my cell

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