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labradorite cuff custom design bracelet sterling silver

The alternative birthstone for the month of November, and one of our favorites, is labradorite, also known as the colorful cousin of moonstone. With its beautiful play of color, specifically known as labradoresenece or schiller effect, this stone has mesmerized people many centuries before us. While Labradorite is an obvious stone to be used for jewelry, it has also been used in the production of glass, as a road building material and to increase the strength and durability of ceramics. Labradorite has a predominant blue shimmer, however it comes in color variations of gray-green, dark gray, black and grayish-white. The stone is composed in aggregate layers that refract light creating beautiful shimmers in many different colors. Stones that show an unusual high degree of labradorescence are called spectrolite.



These beautiful stones were first discovered around 1770 by missionaries who found and named the stone after the region in Canada known as Labrador. Today they can be found all over the world, mainly in the USA, South America and Norway. On the Mohs scale of hardness it rates a 6 - 6.5, making it a softer gemstone. Considering its beautiful color and its magical shimmer it comes to no surprise that the labradorite has been used by many people for its healing powers. It has been said that the labradorite helps people who are going through changes, giving them strength and stability while raising consciousness and helping to reveal the truth.

Rough cut LabradoriteFun Fact: Taking pictures of jewelry that features labradorite is not easy. It is hard to take a picture that does the shimmer and the uniqueness of these stones justice, especially since the color changes with every angle shown here with our Satellite Cuff. Because we love labradorite, we always keeps some that we pick out carefully in our inventory. If you are interested in creating a piece of custom labradorite jewelry, please don't hesitate to contact us. It is best to see it in person, to be able to truly appreciate the beauty of the stone and let it inspire your design ideas ;)

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