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14k white gold wedding set with diamonds

It is finally time for our 14K gold post! 14K gold is a favorite of many and one of the most used metals when it comes to commitment jewelry. Pure gold is of yellow color, however as many of you probably know, 14K gold doesn't only come in yellow but also in white, rose and green! The reason it can be made in different colors is because it is not pure gold. 14K gold is a mix of pure gold and other alloys such as sterling silver and copper, which determine the color of the gold. In order for gold to be considered 14K it needs to have at least 58% pure gold.



The reason we mix pure gold with "less valuable" metals is because we want to get the best properties out of the gold. Pure gold is too soft for most jewelry and wouldn't hold precious gemstones such as diamonds in place. Another reason why we mix pure gold with other metals is the color. Pure gold is a very bright yellow, and let's face it not everyone wants their jewelry to be seen from out of space, which is why we mix it with other metals to create new colors.

14k yellow gold nesting ring with garnets

14K gold is very common in the U.S. and is often used for commitment rings. People prefer 14K gold over sterling silver, because it is more valuable, tougher and versatile. 14K gold is much harder than sterling silver, meaning it will show less wear over a longer period of time as well as hold precious gemstones in place. While 14K gold is quite an expensive metal, it is still much more affordable than 18K, 22K or 24K gold.


While your 14K gold jewelry will not tarnish it can still get dirty. Often times the oils from your body will leave a film on the jewelry that will make it seem kind of dull. However, this is a problem that can be easily solved. All you need to clean your 14K gold jewelry is a mild soap and water solution and a toothbrush. After you cleaned it you should store the jewelry in a dark and dry place. It is best to store your jewelry separately, because even though gold is a very tough metal, it can still get scratches from gemstones such as diamonds.

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