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Our last blog post in this metals series was about 14K gold, one of the most used metals in jewelry and an all time favorite of ours. So this time we decided to introduce you to 10K gold, a metal with which some of you might be less familiar with.




10k gold men's cutout ring wedding band

10K gold is less valuable than 14K gold because it contains less pure gold. As you might know from our previous post, 14K gold needs to have a minimum of 58% pure gold. On the other hand, 10K gold only needs to have a minimum of 41% pure gold. To the untrained eye this small difference in gold might not be visible, however there are some major differences such as hardness and color, which will tell you whether a piece is made out of 14K gold or 10K gold. Since 10K gold only needs to have 41% pure gold it can be mixed with a lot more alloys than 14K gold. This will lead to a less bright color and a harder metal.

Often times people will not consider 10K gold for their commitment jewelry, however we have been getting more and more requests for 10K gold commitment rings, especially from men who are drawn to the less pronounced color and the grittier look of the gold. 10K gold is much more affordable than 14K gold but still offers all the great advantages of gold. It is a strong metal that wears well over time and doesn't tarnish. So if you are thinking about getting a new piece of jewelry, don't immediately dismiss the idea of a 10K gold piece, because it might just be the right metal for you.

To clean 10K gold jewelry you only need a mild soap and water solution and a toothbrush, which will help you get rid of any dirt or oil films stuck to your jewelry. After you cleaned your jewelry let it dry and store it in a dark and dry place. It is important to store your gold jewelry separately from your diamonds, as they can easily scratch the gold.

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