Before & After - Bits and Pieces August 19 2015, 0 Comments

We hope everyone has been having an excellent summer!  The studio has been busy working with couples to create special wedding bands all season long, as well as custom tailored anniversary and birthday presents.  Our favorite projects always seem to involve heriloom materials and the transformation which takes place in using something old to create something new.

before and after, heirloom redesign, recycled jewelry

Our most recent heirloom redesign was for a client's wedding band using elements of a ring from her Oma.  Our client works with her hands and needed a durable wedding band that suits her lifestyle, yet wanted to incorporate materials from family heirloom jewelry.  Rebecca was able to collaborate with the client and tailor our Nesting Ring With Stones for a design that was perfect for our client.  She used one of the side stone diamonds from the heirloom ring and made it the centerpiece of the new Nesting Ring design.  Additionally, she took a small portion of the 14k yellow gold from the band of the ring, melted the material down to little balls and scattered the yellow gold balls throughout the 14k white gold nest of the wedding band.

Now, not only does our client have a beautiful wedding ring using meaningful elements from family heirloom jewelry, but since we only utilized a small portion of the original ring, she is able to recycle the remaining garnet, gold and diamond for any future design as well.  Jewelry is definitely a gift that keeps on giving through the generations!

If you are interested in using your heirloom jewelry to create something meaningful and new, please do not hesitate to reach out and tell us more about your ideas!