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pearl necklace, cultured pearls, before and after

In an inverse of the motto of the United States "E Pluribus Unum" meaning "from many - one", our most recent Before & After project is an example of "Ex Uno Plures" meaning "from one - many."


Our customer came to us with her heirloom cultured pearl necklace, a gift she received for her Sweet Sixteen.  Nearly forty years later, she was ready for an updated necklace yet wanted to create something meaningful to pass down to her young nieces as well.

The original pearl necklace was tapered meaning that the largest pearl is in the front with the pearls gradually becoming smaller as they make their way back to the clasp of the necklace.  With these pearls of different sizes, we were able to make several pieces for her different jewelry needs.

galaxy studs with pearl, gold-filled, before and aftergold filled nesting earrings with pearls

Starting with the design for our Galaxy Studs and In Orbit Studs, Rebecca created two pairs of earrings for our customer's young nieces with gold-filled wire incorporating the smaller sized pearls from the original necklace.



nesting cluster necklace, pearl and sterling silver

We were all so thrilled with with the result of the In Orbit-influenced earrings using the smaller pearls!  Rebecca was inspired by this new element to create a beautiful cluster necklace using some of the larger pearls from the original necklace.  The way the tendrils of polished sterling silver wrap around and hold each pearl bore a striking resemblance to a bird's nest, reminding us of the Nesting Engagement Ring as well.

If you are interested in collaborating with Rebecca on a meaningful custom design using heirloom materials, tell us more about your ideas!



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  • Mary Kahn on

    Congratulations Rebecca on your recognitions and success!

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