Before & After - Four Generations of Opal October 07 2015, 0 Comments

Welcome to October, it's really feeling like autumn now!  Opal is the October birthstone and it is wonderful how birthstone jewelry can connect families through the generations.  We were lucky enough to work with a customer recently on a very special heirloom redesign. 

heirloom vintage opal cocktail ring, redesigned into delicate opal necklace

Using a vintage opal cocktail ring gifted from her grandmother, our customer wanted to create a delicate necklace for her mother utilizing her baby daughter's birthstone.  Rebecca removed one of the opals from the original ring and reset the stone in a bezel setting on a recycled gold-filled chain, creating a delicate and asymmetrical necklace inspired by the Star String Necklace.

The first necklace became a beautiful gift for our customer's mother.  We will use another stone from the original ring to create an identical necklace for our customer in the future to treat herself to a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry.  When her young daughter is old enough, we can use another stone from the ring to create her necklace too!  Heirloom jewelry is truly a gift that keeps up giving!

If you are interested in collaborating with Rebecca on a meaningful custom design using heirloom materials, tell us more about your ideas!